On behalf of the International 3D Awards Committee, we'd like to thank the industry at large, for your involvement in the International 3D Awards.

What truly makes the 3D Awards special is that it is run by the Committee - people actually working in 3D production or intrinsically involved in this industry. The 3D Awards is made by individuals and companies passionate about 3D imagery, for the artists and technicians who make this industry and craft special. We are an independently run, non-profit organisation dedicated to honoring the achievements of the 3D industry worldwide.

Once again, we congratulate all the nominees and winners for your achievements. We hope that you will join us once again in 2004, and reach for the stars in the 2nd Annual International 3D Awards.

Leonard Teo & Jimmy Hassel
Founders, International 3D Awards

Leonard Teo (CGNetworks) and Jimmy Hassel (3D Festival), Founders, International 3D Awards.

Thank you!
We have a ton of people and companies to thank for their participation in making the 1st Annual International 3D Awards a resounding success!

The Sponsors
- HP
- Alias|Wavefront
- Framestore CFC – Post Production Sponsor
- Ghost – Studio Sponsor
- Take Away Film – Post Production
- Bella Center

Media Sponsors
- 3D World Magazine
- Edge
- Animation World Network
- Design Graphics
- Pixel Magazine
- CG Talk

The Digital Hero Trophy
- Dan Platt, Solid Image Arts

Design and ID
- Andreas Lindholm

The 3D Awards Committee for your commitment to the 3D Awards:
- Shelley Page, DreamWorks
- Mark Snoswell, Snoswell Design
- Price Pethel
- Beau Perschall, Turbo Squid
- Dan Platt, Solid Image Arts
- Markus Manninen, Framestore CFC
- Alex Morris, Hayes Davidson
- Alex Alvarez, Gnomon School of Visual Effects
- Jason Schleifer, Weta Digital
- Victor Navone, Pixar
- Pascal Blanche, Ubisoft
- Nathan Walpole, Bungie
- Guillaume Hellouin, Sparx
- Tommy Strand, Funcom
- Knut Ramstad, Telenor Expo
- Herman Bailey, Christian Bjorn Design

For your dedication and support for the 3D Awards:
- Tito Belgrave, CGTalk
- Molly Connolly, HP
- Beth Loughney, NVIDIA
- Mike Milne, Framestore
- Esben Syberg, Ghost
- Margit Geil, Bella Center
- William Vaughan, NewTek
- Ben Vost, NewTek

From left: Alex Morris (Hayes Davidson), Knut Ramstad (Telenor Expo), Chris Jackson (Architecture in Motion), Paul Franklin (Double Negative VFX), Tommy Strand (Funcom)

Shelley Page (DreamWorks) congratulates Romain Segaud who received the Digital Hero for "Tim Tom".

Jeanna Kimbré (Sony Ericsson) and Herman Bailey (Christian Bjorn Design).

Yusuke Suzuki (Sega Corporation), Katsu Yamane (University of Tokyo) and Dr. Mark Snoswell celebrating Sega's win in the Technological Innovation category.

Andrew Titcomb (Sony Pictures Imageworks) and Todd Labonte (Tippett Studio).

Post-Awards gathering.

Alex Morris (Hayes Davidson), Dan Sarto (AWN), Matt Aitken (Weta Digital) and Jason Schleifer (Weta Digital).

Tito A. Belgrave (CGNetworks), taking care of the Digital Hero statuettes.

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