The award for the best 3D in a commercial is for outstanding use of 3D in a television or cinema commercial, whether fully CG or containing key 3D elements.

- Tizer 'Baboon', Passion Pictures
- Audi 'Drinks Like a Fish, Framestore CFC
- Johnnie Walker 'Fish', Framestore CFC
- Nintendo 'School's Out', La Maison
- Xelebri 'Face of the Future', Motion Picture Company
- Sony 'Mountain', The Mill
- Tooheys 'The Quest', The Mill

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Nintendo 'School's Out' by La Maison

Xelebri 'Face of the Future' by Motion Picture Company

Tooheys 'The Quest' by The Mill

Sony 'Mountain' by The Mill

Audi 'Drinks Like a Fish' by Framestore CFC

Johnnie Walker 'Fish' by Framestore CFC

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