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The 1st Annual International 3D Awards ceremony, sponsored by HP, NVIDIA and Alias|Wavefront, was held on Friday 9th May in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Bella Center. All through the 3D Festival events, this was the one event that people were looking forward to, when the fourteen Hero Trophies would be awarded for the best 3D projects of 2002-2003.

Anticipation was high as the crowd packed the foyer of Bella Center, where food and champagne was served to the 600+ attendees. At 8.30pm, the doors opened and the triple-auditorium was quickly packed. The triple-auditorium was specially set up for the evening by removing the walls between the three standard-sized auditoriums used for the 3D Festival Conference. The result was a massive auditorium with three stages and cinema screens.

At 8.45pm, the lights went out, and the crowd roared as a visual medley of scenes from the nominated entries were projected onto the three cinema screens simultaneously to a head-banging Blur "Song 2" soundtrack. The show had begun!

Leonard Teo, Co-Founder and Administrator of the 3D Awards took to the stage and introduced the inaugural event, thanking the sponsors, and everyone who helped shape the event. The crowd roared again as he raised the Digital Hero trophy high into the air, "It doesn’t matter where you're from, or what company you work for, the 3D Awards is made for the artists and technicians whose hard work produce the best animation and art in this industry. Tonight, we honour these people. We salute them for their achievements, and for their dedication to this craft. The winners tonight, will be awarded the Digital Hero trophy – the 3D industry’s symbol of excellence and notable achievement."

Image: The Digital Hero, hand-sculpted by Dan Platt in Los Angeles, is the 3D industry's symbol of excellence.

What followed was undoubtedly the industry's must stunning array of artistry and technical excellence. Over two hours, the best work from the industry was honoured across fourteen categories.

- Game Cinematics
- Architectural Visualization (Animation)
- Architectural Visualization (Still)
- Student 3D Animations
- Logos and Idents
- Industrial Design
- Independent Animations
- 3D Art (Still)
- Television VFX
- Music Videos
- Technological Innovation
- Commercials
- Short Films
- Feature Film VFX
- Thank You's and Awards After-Party


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Leonard Teo (CGNetworks), Co-Founder and Administrator for the International 3D Awards hosted the ceremony on Friday 9 May at Bella Center, Copenhagen.

The 3D Awards reception prior to the event made sure that everyone was well fed and boozed!

3D Awards Reception

3D Awards Reception

Alex Alvarez from Gnomon School of VFX checks out his lines before heading up to host the 3D Art (Still) category.

Alex Morris (Hayes Davidson) and Knut Ramstad (Telenor Expo) enjoying a moment before the ceremony began.

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